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Think you know football?

With our wide selection of free and real money games, you can win cash prizes every day.

How to play

With our new '4Play' game, you can win cash every day by using your football knowledge to predict 4 results. It couldn't be easier!

Our formation

Cash prizes
Great Cash Prizes

Join our free and paid games for a chance to win daily cash prizes.

Make it your own
Make it Your Own

Customise the app settings for a unique personal experience.

Play with friends
Play with Friends

Create your own game, invite your friends, and see who comes out on top.

Leagues, players and teams
Leagues, Players and Teams

Follow your favourite players and teams from multiple leagues across the world.

Don't miss out
Don't Miss Out

Get every key moment of the game straight to your phone.


Place an accumulator straight from the game without leaving the app.

Home advantage



Create a stronger connection with your audience by offering an extra dimension with a highly engaging game that attracts their interest.

Create appealing, ­fun and personal communications to acquire, retain and re-engage users.



Diversify advertising revenue opportunities through mobile web, iOS + Android apps.

Convert users to the pay-to-play version of 4Play, generating an incremental new direct source of revenue.

Our trophies

We successfully developed a unique platform and product where players can enter both free and pay-to-play games to win cash prizes every day. We're on a great run and adding more new players than Manchester City during a transfer window!

We've also released private games, where users can invite their friends via messaging and social media. Try it out and beat your buddies!

Line up with Sportdec

Let us power your business with our unique technology
  • Next generation sports prediction games.
  • Huge potential in the casual sports gaming market.
  • High user engagement and frequency of play.
  • Direct revenue opportunity.
  • New source of income.
  • Much broader market appeal than sports betting, DFS and pools products.
  • Unique game offering and functionality.
  • Experienced team.
  • Proprietary technology platform.

Want to link up with the squad?

We're extremely versatile, creating more opportunities than Messi and Ronaldo combined!
Contact us and find out about our partnership options.

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